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This website is designed to help empower you to create a healthier and happier life, naturally.

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Effectively Managing Stress using Love & Happiness.

For me, these two words are synonymous. I welcome you to define them however you wish and however it helps you to grow and expand them. In both my personal and clinical experience, this component of health is powerful. I believe all 6 components are very important for experiencing fantastic health, yet some would argue that love is the greatest medicine on our planet. I have seen dramatic transformations and improvements in health with the balancing and growth of this key component.

The thoughts that you think and the ideas that you believe allow your own happiness to flourish or to diminish depending on the nature of those thoughts and beliefs. Happiness and love reside within each and everyone of us. The flourishing of this happiness and love provides a greater opportunity for the creation of healthy cells, healthy organs and healthy bodies. Cells regenerate every moment. Bottom line: it is possible for happy thoughts to influence the creation of healthier cells.

Many things influence your love and happiness bucket. Helping to fill your bucket, are adequate pure water intake, regular fresh air and sunshine exposure, high quality nutrient intake, adequate rest, daily exercise, regular detoxification, and natural therapies in the form of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal and homeopathic medicines.

But while these choices help fill your bucket of happiness, getting it to overflow requires, in my opinion, adopting an enriching life perspective.

There are many books, workshops, lectures, audiocassettes, spiritual organizations, hiking expeditions, music festivals, hobbies, etc., etc., that help people do just that: adopt an enriching, loving and happiness-producing life perspective. The great thing about life is that there isn't just one way to find this enriching perspective. There are an infinite number of ways! Finding the way that works best for you is a wonderful adventure in itself.

You don't need books, programs, cassette tapes or workshops to be happy and loving. Happiness and love already exist within the core of who you are. At times however, you may want a helping hand, if only to remember this notion.


The LOVE & HAPPINESS component of health is my favorite and this is my definition:


Love is a present experience. It has no opposite and is the union and connection of all things. Love is vast. Infinitely vast. Love expands with wisdom, patience and kindness. It is so expansive that it even contains room for all fears to nestle into. Love embraces all fears. Within love, seeds of fear can either grow or remain unchanged, or these same seeds can transform and blossom into more love. Love welcomes both the unchanged fears and the transformed ones. Love has room for all things, at all times: for judgement, weakness and disappointment, as well as for joy, compassion and peace. All experiences nestle and find room within the open cradle and forever accepting, expanding nature of Love.

- K. Graham

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Effectively Managing Stress

In my clinical experience, I have witnessed many people effectively deal with stress and challenging life situations utilizing the category of Love & Happiness.

The top three ways that I have seen are as follows:

1. Talking to a friend or counsellor who has an attitude of non-judgment, acceptance and wants the very best for you.
2. Taking self-responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings, followed by choosing proactive and loving resolutions to the stressful situation.
3. Taking action to connect with other people in loving and happy ways through group settings. Most people find that smiling and laughing have a profoundly positive effect in dealing easily with stress.

The happiest people I have ever seen are people who are the most grateful.



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